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Passing through an imposing limestone massif, the river Pasak, over time, carved numerous cliffs, caves and rocky peaks. It’s at the heart of this exceptional setting that Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp welcomes you to practice, in the purest style, your favourite outdoor sport.

Rent or buy all the essencial equipment directly at the Camp.

The limestone cliffs in Thailand are famous worldwide for their amazing natural sculptures, forming routes of rare quality.

Discovered by and developed for climbers, the site of Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp is no exception to this rule and it's a paradise for all fans of climbing.

Routes go from very easy to extreme levels, some short, others very long, with a wide variety of shapes and styles (wall, slab, overhang, steep overhang, chimney, crack ...), sectors have a minimal walking approach, they are shaded and sheltered from the rain. All these advantages being in a beautiful setting makes this place is a major climbing spot in South-East Asia.

Many other sites, including bouldering sites, are present in the region, and are easily reachable from the camp.

Download here the topo guide of the camp and of all the major crags in central Thailand.
topo-namphapayai-camp.pdf (5 mb)
topo-muak-lek.pdf (2,7 mb)
topo-lopburi.pdf (7 mb)
topo-khao-yoi.pdf (3,3 mb)
for the customized Google Map with all the cliffs and boulder crags click here
The excellent bouldering site of SiKhiu is also not fare from the camp. get all the details at:

Like rock climbing, mountain biking has grown strongly in recent years in Thailand. The hinterland offers a wide range of paths and trails where cyclists will find a nice playground.

Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp is an interesting starting point where cyclists can discover small villages, isolated temples, and lush landscapes in the surroundings. Several loops are possible with different distances and challenges.

Bicycles are for rental the camp. See details here.

Kayaking on the Pasak river brings a different perspective on landscapes with a friendly "Tropical Expedition" touch! No fall or white water in the program but a little aquatic adventure in between valleys, small villages as well as meeting with local fishermen.

It is possible to start from the camp on the down stream side, or from upstream towards it.

The river current being quite strong in some places, wearing a life jacket and respecting the safety measures are more than recommended.

A transportation and logistics service is available at the camp as well as equipment for rent. learn more about that here.

The geology of the province of Saraburi is made up of one of the largest limestone layer of Thailand. This karstic land offers many caves, many of them remain to be explored and their topography to be made.

Caves found in the massif surrounding the camp offer caving  practice at different levels. The base of the huge Tham Phra Cave (also a major climbing area) can be easily visited without special equipment and allows us to admire the flight of a colony of bats in the evening. In addition, the upper wells and other annexe cavities will delight knowledgeable speleologists. For the most experienced practitioners, a cave diving exploration remains to be done in the siphon of the resurgence of "Khao Hin Dat."

Other explorations are also possible throughout the province.

The many hills surrounding Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp invite us for nice walks to visit them. From the short walk to the top of a rocky peak  to the real trip to the heart of the massif, tropical wildlife and flora as well as the amazing limestone formations will make the hike a rewarding experience.

Many itinerary are possible, some of them are already marked.

Gear useful for hiking in the tropics is for rent at the camp. More details here.

Visitors to Pha Nam Pa Yai Camp will also be able to engage in orienteering, birdwatching, fishing ,slackline (balance games), juggling, lazing in a hammock and other recreational activities more or less athletic...

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