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The camp's restaurant offers Thai and International cuisines prepared with quality ingredients straight from our farm or the local market.

Every day the menu varies according to the season’s fruits and vegetables.

In addition, the usual drinks and some more original ones are available.

Camping is an effective way to have a stay close to nature, and provides an atmosphere of adventure.

For maximum comfort the tents are installed on salas (small roof and floor on stilts) made of bamboos. It is also possible to choose locations on the ground.

Earthen houses are and have been used in many countries for a very long time. The comfort and advantages of these ecological buildings have already proven themselves, especially in hot countries. The camp's bungalows, built of unbaked clay, are also designed with an original architecture.

There's always fun when the dream of living in a tree becomes a reality. You will be comfortably sitting between sky and earth, surrounded by birds and tropical plants.  This nice experience awaits you at Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp.

For booking and informations contact us: +66 (0)8 91 28 78 49 contact@namphapayai.camp Or use the form of the contact page.
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