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Rock climbing is a passion that is highly related to the natural elements, and as climbers, when the project to live and to welcome people at the foot of cliffs in a wild valley came to life, it was logically that the notions of respect for this environment, sustainability and local development have emerged.

Asian tropical climate allows easy cultivation and to get many species to interact throughout the year. In Thailand, more and more farmers grow products conscientiously in a reasonable manner, and structures such as the "kingproject", Santi Asok, or PunPun are pioneer in organic farming.

At Nam Pha Pa Yai, in addition to the buildings using recycled or natural materials, a project of farming agriculture, organic or also self-sufficient, is taking place. The goal is to provide the camp or other nearby places with fresh and good quality products, and allow visitors to get supplies. It is also an opportunity to understand and develop this way of life, both traditional and clearly ahead of its time.

People with knowledges and motivation are welcome to participate. Volunteer can help us on the daily task at the farm or the construction sites. We provide them accommodation (Sala / tent) and meals.

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